Esse Quam Videri


In my recent readings I ran across the Latin phrase: esse quam videri, which when translated means “to be rather than to seem to be.” It struck me as so appropriate not only in our current culture but especially for today.

Today is March 21st., 3/21. It is World Down Syndrome Day. Why 3/21? Because individuals with Down Syndrome have that little something extra. 3 copies rather than the usual pair of the 21st. chromosome. Today is the day to wear mismatched socks in a show of support.

One of the countless lessons and blessings I’ve been given by my daughter is that everyday she is the real deal. There is no pretending to be someone she is not. No instagram, Facebook page or other social platform posts presenting an image of how she would like others to see her. No airs, pretense, photo shopping or editing (which has it’s moments), just the honest, unabashed person that is Grace. What a gift!

Thankfully too, our lives have been filled with wonderful, well meant and loving people teaching and shaping Grace. Helping her to grow and to realize all of her strengths and dreams. To truly be included in today’s world. Today is a great day to learn from Grace. To begin to know that just being your authentic self is not only enough, it’s the beautiful truth. So let’s rock our socks to all of us with our own ” little something extra.”