marth∙n∙grace - Profound Frippery

Gracies' Tribe Bracelets

What a wonderful word, “frippery”. What a delightful way to describe the our bracelets and other jewelry. We take something that was once loved and well used and reimagine into a fun, perhaps a bit unnecessary or frivolous,  at times “a little too elegant”, if there is such a thing and always ready to add more of or mix and match with other favorite frippery. We love that with age comes the intrinsic goodness of imperfection. A little wear here, a bit of tarnish there we believe these nuances are the lasting aspects of beauty.  I like to think that our bracelets are “profound frippery”. Behind each bracelet is our mission to “pay it forward”. One hundred percent of the profit from the sale of our jewelry goes to The Project Grace Foundation. The Project Grace Foundation donates these profits to other organizations working to advance, enrich and otherwise nourish the lives of individuals rocking intellectual or developmental disabilities. So, won’t you join us in rocking one or more of our always interesting, ever passionate, bracelets?   Love, rocks, and rescued regalia, the stuff that Profound Frippery is made of.