Summer Reflections

It’s the end of August? Where did the time go? Hopefully some of it went to just you! Whether you could read more, stay up later, got together with friends or family or just lounged or moved more, whatever you put your summer into I hope it was beautiful, restful, love filled, moving, enlightening, comfortable or all shook up in all of the above ways.  Let’s pick up that shaker, pour it into something smart and toast. To Summer, to extra time even it’s it just a little bit, in reverence to nature, to recognize and rejoice, to getting outside, to longer spans of sunlight, to less traffic or more traffic if you live in a resort area, to trees that “touch your eyes green”, to all of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings that are summer, we toast you and we thank you.

This summer marthngrace for TPGF and Gracie’s Tribe had a whole lot of fun getting into experimenting with larger beads. At first, using larger stones seemed a bit too heavy for summer months and frankly, for the materials themselves. So, we decided to do a bit of playing around. Lighter, brighter and lots of fun. Our new bracelet line is not just for summer it’s a design direction that uses vintage celluloid, bakelite, lucite, acrylic and all the other names used to describe early plastics. It’s a move in a more repurposed and vintage direction. These beads rock a really great vibe.  Light on the wrist, larger in scale, more of a statement, beautiful and rarer. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

During these last days of summer, first days of school and in anticipation of the most colorful time year, may your “eyes be touched green”, and your lives be layered with all sorts of color and wonderfulness.

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Repurposing it forward, M ‘n G